A new TM Italia’s Atelier is born in the heart of Milan, a new scene that celebrates the values of a company that combines advanced craftsmanship and a sartorial vocation in high-end kitchens. The space, which opens 9 April 2019, is located in Via Larga,3 and is part of an area of ​​the city that already houses the sales points of some of the most famous design brands. The entire exhibition space – over 200 square meters, curated by Nicola Gallizia and co-designed with Alessandro Ruga – is managed by Mauri & Mauri Arredamenti, a commercial partner of the best Italian design companies. The atelier is characterized by its brightness, thanks to the large windows: inside the space, the products take the spotlight enhancing design and materials; the essential lines play with the neutral colors of floors and walls, and interact in a coherent way with the preciousness of the materials. The versatility of the production represents very well the planning and realization ability of TM Italia, an eclectic company able to give life to unique pieces remaining anchored to a well-defined vision of quality and style.