A new partnership with Lab Design in the heart of the “Red October”

An alchemy that begins from Lab Design space, the sophisticated result of the regeneration project of the industrial plant “Red October” in Moscow, perfectly in line with TM Italia’s DNA: the ability to innovate while preserving the values and the knowledge of its own tradition. In the recovered walls of the Russia’s oldest chocolate factory, today meet design and fashion, art and studio, socialite lifestyle and shopping, experimentation and exclusivity: Lab Design is an incubator of ideas, connections, cultural contaminations and lifestyles, reflecting TM Italia’s skill to interpret unique interior projects sewn on the style and needs of every single customer. A new collaboration based on the clear will of the brand to explore ideas, technologies, new paths: unlimited innovation, quality tailor-made solutions. Lab-Design "Red October" art-cluster Bersenevsky per. 3/10 str.7