Chiara Provasi is an interior designer with a prestigious international clientele. Her work stands out for its highly personal, diversified approach. She combines ancient and modern in an original fashion, free of pre-conceived rules and stylistic formulas, and achieves a new level of equilibrium which is both nostalgic and original.

Her idea of design is a long way from the notion of a pure exercise in style. It is closely linked to a dialogue between customer and designer, to the designing of spaces made to measure for a demanding, refined clientele.

With its expressive qualities, colour has a dominant role in the fascinating journey from the start to the finish of a design. It is a fixed point where you can begin to tell a different story each time. The search for unique, distinct combinations of precious fabrics with high-level materials is as important as the object’s design, its shape. Right from early childhood Chiara Provasi developed a love for taste and high-quality workmanship. Her father was the founder of an internationally renowned furniture company and a collector of art and antiques; she inherited his love for tradition and research into style.

She accompanied her parents on their many journeys in the pursuit of objects of a unique design, absorbing the influence of different cultures, with new perfumes, colours and forms. Along with her memories and inspiration for her creativity, she brought home notebooks full of drawings of architecture and spatial design that had intrigued her.

After graduating in architecture at Milan Polytechnic, she worked in the furniture industry for several years, designing and creating products of craft manufacture and designing the interiors of houses of world prestige. Designing the scenography of spaces with great care and attention to detail, sensitively interpreting the dreams of those who live there, has thus been a natural evolution in her process of creative growth.

Today Chiara Provasi puts her signature to her interior architectural designs and to a collection of furniture products made to a very high standard of quality.