Marconcini stile, which is located in Casaleone, Verona, was established in 1964 by three brothers moved by a strong spirit of competitiveness and industriousness. The close family relationship of the business promoters produced a perfect teamwork and a matchless expertise; as a result, the firm has soon become a reference point both in Italy and abroad as to the standard quality in design and manufacturing of the firm’s output. The rapid developing of the firm in the italian market and in the european and overseas ones, is the result of such application and care. The production encompasses bedrooms and living rooms furniture ranging from boiseries to furniture specifically fitted for rooms designed for writing, reading, or as relax bar. «Marconcini stile» provide its customers with a high quality, always updated production, especially directed and monitored by a son of one founder, which personally looks after the furniture’s design and style. Production phases, at «Marconcini stile» ’s, are lead by a skilled home staff and the whole production benefits from the firm’s forty years experience. In order to assure a final result beyond compare, the most valuable kinds of wood are used. The firm’s output is protected by patent and features a special iron-branded marking. The quality of «Marconcini stile» craftmanship can also be proved by the manufacturing of drawers, which are all dovetail-assembled in order to assure long-lasting quality and life. An additional feature of our furniture is supplied by solid wood glasspane stops, which are used in display cabinets, thus assuring both safety and elegance results. Our methodology is always carefully applied, improved and developed, to satisfy any customer’s quality requirements.