In the evolution of the secular venetian glass tradition, Gabbiani has been carried out with great enthusiasm from almost fourthy years a technique and stylistic research, proposing with incessant versatility series of objects and lighting that met the appreciation of collectionists and interior designer all over the world. The virtuose execution of vases, glasses and collection objects and the production of refined table lamps and floor lamps are the result of that personal creative tension that has asserted a peculiar taste and style. The collection we present to you are the result of the rare and original creativity of Marina Gabbiani Ravagnan, a designer who’s projected to new stylistic experiences, which is also deeply rooted in the secular tradition of her homeland. Every day she takes that mysterious and precious creative lymph from her country, the same that made famous Venetians artists all over the world. Every single piece created by Marina Gabbiani Ravagnan it’s completely hand made, in limited edition and signed, as a guarantee of its singleness and originality.