The company started as a manufacturer of custom made furniture and this has been its core business for many years. Gaining this great experience, a further step forward is subsequently taken, creating a line of products, which today is recognized all over the world. The catalog presents furniture and accessories characterized by an eclectic style and great elegance, where manufacturing and construction details give the product a strong enhance to the design. DURAME products are recognizable by the strong presence of wood, an expression of true nature and beauty. Precisely for this reason the name "DURAME" has been chosen: in Italian it means the central part of the tree. Nowdays DURAME is active on the products from its catalog and on custom made creations. All this allows us to provide any type of customers (architects, designers, showrooms and private clients) with a complete service, covering any type of requests.

All this is possible because the company continues to believe that respect for tradition, know-how and the high quality of products are the fundamental characteristics that must distinguish the creations. Thanks to the know-how acquired in the many decades of activity and the ability to combine innovation and tradition, a complete service is available: from the development of the project, to the choice of materials, up to the complete realization of the product. High specialization, combined with design and technical management, cutting-edge machinery and technologies, culture and experience, have led, over the years, to collaborations with the greatest designers worldwide, creating prestigious projects for private clients, villas, apartments, commercial spaces, contract.