Forma For Life is not an agent, but is still working with Giorgio Piotto Company.

«Create is natural» — says Giorgio Piotto — «Just be surrounded by beautiful and unusual things and be overwhelmed by the power of their shapes and colours» An elegant profile that speaks of sensitivity, art and harmony. A curious glance, open to beauty in all its forms: Giorgio Piotto is a man of the Italian Renaissance with an eye to the future. He embodies the free spirit of the Renaissance, the interest in the classics, the idea that the individual is able to self-determination and to cultivate his talents. From the Renaissance artist he incorporates the ability to combine creative vision and to organize with excellence the know-how in the workshop. But Giorgio Piotto is also a man of today, a talented entrepreneur able to interpret his time, creating a new world between the Renaissance idea of harmony and the beauty offered by innovation. The history of company Giorgio Piotto starts with its founder. Since childhood Giorgio Piotto breathes the art of woodwork in the family workshop. His maternal grandfather passed on the passion for this material so adaptable and alive, able to transform itself, through the hands, into masterpieces. Giorgio Piotto transforms a small business in an industry with an international vision capable of uniting culture and know-how, manual skills and the Italian woodwork tradition. Giorgio Piotto embraces the teaching of the great Italian artists: in the harmony of shapes, in the wise use of materials, in the search for functionality and beauty he finds the essence of the Made in Italy appreciated and sought after in the world. Tenacious and passionate teamwork, constantly striving for quality, leads to the development of a concept of furniture that goes beyond the idea of furniture as a «re-issue» of the classical pieces, to achieve a complete aesthetic of living. Giorgio Piotto is high contemporary craftsmanship: virtuous synthesis between the excellence of our master craftsmen and the precision technology. It offers our clients a comprehensive consultancy to the project up to the turn-key construction. Every single Giorgio Piotto’s creation is conceived, designed and produced in Italy. It has a quality certificate that certify its originality and the control of all the production stages. All works are performed within the company by craftsmen, carpenters and specialized technicians: an experienced team that works with exceptional quality to enhance the Italian artistic tradition.